Hello everyone, my name is Shing, and I’m a full-stack programmer with expertise in Java, Golang, PHP, JavaScript. For backend development, I’m skilled in using Spring Boot, Hyperf, and Beego frameworks, and the Vue.js framework for front-end development. I also have experience in developing desktop applications using Electron and mobile applications using React Native.

I’m passionate about programming and enjoy tackling complex challenges to develop efficient and effective solutions. I believe that programming is not just about writing code, but also about understanding business needs, collaborating with team members, and delivering high-quality results.

In my free time, I enjoy pursuing my hobbies, which include photography and playing badminton. These activities help me stay energized and creative, and I believe they help me approach programming challenges with a fresh perspective.

Overall, I’m a dedicated and motivated programmer who is always looking to expand my knowledge and skills. I believe that my passion for programming, combined with my technical expertise, makes me a valuable asset to any project or team I work with.